“Love is a friendship set to music”

~ Joseph Campbell

As I pulled on the cord rising blinds gave way
to a mind numbing visual
of snow capped mountain peaks
splashed against a sky unrivalled in blue and pure, 
triggering a deep and heart rendering inhalation
that murmurs
this… is home,  
on its heels a profound exhalation

of tranquil reflection

in grateful silence. 

We call this a Blue Bird Day.  

We venture out for walks along the endless river,
marvelling at our little slice of heaven. 

Hands holding hearts, 

feeling loved,
being love. 


soft and soothing 

gloves the chatter of whispering winds,

rustling autumn leaves,  
we call this a blue bird day.  

Copyright ©Henri Ferguson 2012 all rights reserved.

Author Notes 
This is exactly how my day unfolded; an opportunity to be grateful for where I call home and for my beloved who is sleeping while I am composing this. This, a glimpse of clarity revealed and a moment to embrace all the blessings and abundance that surrounds me when I choose to see them. Understanding that when I fill my heart with gratitude it leaves no room for negativity. I choose to feel blessed and embrace everything and everyone in my life which fills my cup to the brim; we call this a Blue Bird Day.