“Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love”
~ George Eliot
Silent tears of gratitude wait for the distance.

Stoic heartfelt hugs,
whisper lovingly
of bonds that defy time and space
cherishing this kinship connection.
Joyous snapshot moments
creating memories of
easy times embracing this.

We part on a major uplifting key,

dissolving into

one last loving gaze;
distance begins.
Tears triggered by travel,
roll down your loving cheeks,
tenderly dabbed away,
returning to gratitude.
we don’t say goodbye.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2013 All rights reserved.
Author Notes
I just spent a week with my youngest daughter Sarah and her beau Aron; they went back to the Cayman Islands today. We went skiing followed by long soaks in the hot tub; we cruised around this place in the mountains I call home and spent many hours at home cooking, eating, sampling wonderful wines served up with copious quantities of heartfelt laughter. Our father-daughter role reversal wasn’t lost on me as I slept in the back seat after a hard day on the slopes and Sarah drove us home. How times change.
After hugs and”I love yous” in the parking lot, I watched as they drove away and Sarah dabbed away her tears; I did as well. I will miss them, the relaxed easy times, gourmet 5-Star cooking and the music to my ears of Sarah calling me “Dadeo”. Yes I miss that already, and that is why we never say goodbye.
Written March 14, 2013 Calgary, AB