“Soul is not a thing, but a quality or dimension of experiencing life and ourselves.

It has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart and personal substance.”  

~ Thomas Moore

Within the heart lies a sacred space,
an arena of abiding splendor,
 peaceful warriors gather there,
engaging strength with soft surrender.

Unwrapping presence of letting go,
inhaling challenge; gifts from the mat,
exhaling veils of self illusions,
I am not this; I am not that.

A journey for the seeker
unafraid to fall apart
compassion’s enduring lessons,
whispered scent of a fragrant heart.

I am your humble trail guide
life’s compass firm in hand,
we’re all walking each other home,
on this quest to understand.

Who or what exactly
is this person known as me;
awakenings and realizations
to set my spirit free.

From a world of few and many
joy, sadness, quiet and confusion,
the push and pull of duality
on this errant path of illusion.

Our answers soundly sleeping
wrapped in the parchment of our chart
while the questions wait so patiently
for birth within the heart.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2013 All Rights Reserved

Author notes:
Two of my favorite classes happen at a little jewel of a studio called Yoga Within the Heartin Bragg Creek, AB.  A “Heart” felt thank you to Amarin and Cailen for this creation and their unwavering dedication to this community and the yoga world at large. ( http://www.yogawithintheheart.ca ).

Every Wednesday over the past two years a loyal group of warriors has gelled and who have manifested the most magical and mystical experiences for us all.  Students always thank me for leading these classes and I am honored and blessed for this privilege but I also understand that ultimately we create our own experience and the act of owning this leads to an empowered feeling rivalled by few and that snippet of profound insight beyond form.
Thank you for your kind attention.