“We imagine we know our children, but they too are a vast dark continent, in which the glow of city lights here and there lets us, know we are over land, but little else.”  ~ David Gilmour “The Perfect Order of Things.”
Undaunted spirit,
blithe and mischievous mind,
wide loving heart,
dwelling behind
beaming pools of love.  

Playfulness personified,
in musical laughter
leaping into life,
in wings unseen.  

Adventure invited,
defeat denied,
courage understated,
life lived with gusto,
joy to the world.  

Unflinching compassion,
for the “underdog”
of the animal kingdom,
a sanctuary always open
as her precious heart.  

A spirit undaunted.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012 All rights reserved

Author Notes
This photograph so accurately captures the firecracker spirit that is Sarah Anne Ferguson, my youngest daughter, who refers to me as Dadeo.  Although she is a grown woman, world traveled with a career, she will forever be my “Sari Anne”, one who fills my heart to the brim with love and sunshine.
Notwithstanding what David Gilmour writes about not knowing our children, we as parents do have a fairly accurate read on their soul substance and when my thoughts drift to Sari I see, I feel and know within her dwells a Spirit Undaunted.