Burning bridges
far behind,
river still
flowing through my mind.

Thoughts and dreams
of yesterday,
milestones carved
along the way.

Flowers bloom
scent fills the air,
morning breeze
blows through my hair.

And I’ve been gone
a long, long time
it’s spring time
in the country again.

Weary soul,
forsaken smiles.
Distorted heart
from distant trials.

Freedom speaks
I must decide;
as love unfolds
I cannot hide.

Orchid dreams
dispatch the call,
waking up
abiding fall.

And I’ve been gone
a long, long time;
it’s springtime
in the country again.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012 All rights reserved
Author Notes
This song/poem was written sometime in 1974, my days of university, music, coffee houses, folk groups and everything else that came along with that. This tune has a gentle cascading chord progression in 3/4 time that lent itself to some inspiring/cosmic lead breaks from our violinist Denis Letourneau. He was an exceptional musician and one of the things that made him stand out was his skill at improvisation which makes him a rare breed in the world of classically trained musicians. He would close his eyes on stage and blast off into some musical orbit that left the rest of us dazzled and silently wondering if he would ever find his way back to earth; he always did in these Orchid Dreams.