About Henri Ferguson

Poetry, storytelling and song writing are members of the same family. I have a deep appreciation for the literary arts and believe that creative writing whatever its form, render a fleeting glimpse, a snippet of insight into the author's inner world. To live an unexamined life is our greatest travesty and consequently we cannot grow as we are intended to without putting ourselves under a compassionate lens of scrutiny. Writing can do this by giving us a strategy to crystallize those thoughts and emotions that so often elude clarity and self knowing. Journaling, writing poetry can be a catharsis in this process leading to a new awareness of whom and what we are. The journey of self discovery ultimately opens the door to the spiritual growth and evolution we so richly deserve.

A Tinge of Green

“He who binds to himself a joy doth the winged life destroy, but he who kisses the joy as it flieslives in eternity’s sunrise" ~ William Blake  Spring gains momentum, Bow River swells with mountain pride,frost heaved ice floesbobble along indifferentlysurrendering to this,to here,to now;our word for this;seasons.  Morphing back from whence it came,melding into nature’s circle divineice does not [...]

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The Strength in the Pack

Photo Cesare BraiA wolf pack: the first three in the column are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack. If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack. In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed. This is their way of caring [...]

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Waiting for the Sun

"Faith is an island in the setting sun, but proof is the bottom line for everyone" ~ Paul Simon    Beam shivered, and nestled in closeto her mother’s warm feathers, the icy wind nipping at her little body. A coyote’s howl filled the air, its shrill notes filling Beam’s heart with fear.  Shadows were everywhere, the trees [...]

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It Goes By Fast

“Time is the longest distance between two places” ~ Tennessee Williams Faded footprints,stories of you, me, us, them,inclusion, exclusion, indifference, this. Our maps,chosen journeys,congealed lives ofwill and intent,convoluted paths,same destination. Hypnotic years roll byblurred pages flipped,ballads of beingcomposed on the flyquesting for harmonyrefuting dissonance. Scarcely a dropin rivers of timegranular moments of sandslip through clutching fingerssettling as dusty memorieson [...]

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When Facts Get in the Way

“Socrates showed us that thinking the truth is not enough. Truth demands to be lived”~ Americ Azevedo   Gut wrenching visualsflashed around the world,primal grieving and mind numbing shock,mass casualties as garment factory building collapses. Bangladesh where lives are commodities,geographically removed, a third world away;still an event unacceptably close enoughto impact bottom lines on distant shores. [...]

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My Life Forever Changed

"Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God."  ~ Ram DassDearest Henri,What does Easter mean to me? It means a time of hope, a time of re-birth, a time of faith, a time of reflection, a time of connectedness to [...]

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We Don’t Say Goodbye

“Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love”~ George EliotSilent tears of gratitude wait for the distance.Stoic heartfelt hugs,whisper lovingly of bonds that defy time and spacecherishing this kinship connection.Joyous snapshot moments creating memories ofeasy times embracing this.We part on a major uplifting key,dissolving intoone last loving gaze;distance begins.Tears [...]

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“Throughout our lives we long to love ourselves more deeply and to feel connected with others. Instead, we often contract, fear intimacy, and suffer a bewildering sense of separation. We crave love, and yet we are lonely. Our delusion of being separate from one another, of being apart from all that is around us, gives [...]

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Eighty-Four Problems

  First Noble Truth of Buddhism: “Life is suffering.” When life veers off the rails shunting us to detours unplanned, lessons imposed without instruction, stumbling in confusion, morphing into chaos battling for control, losing, conceding to despair, cursing fate; suffering.   Causality conspicuously absent, defeat perceived as formidable forces of demonic proportions, indignant blaming demands [...]

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Lucky In Love

“And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course”. ~ Khalil Gibran I’ve been lucky in lovewhen I kept the door openwaited for whispersmessage unspoken,  Letting go of needinesswithout hesitation,trusting abundancethe source of creation,  I’ve been lucky in love  I’ve been lucky in love, when I let her [...]

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