Your Touch Lingers

Take a moment to notice when you're happy, and then tell yourself "if this isn't nice, I don’t know what is." ~ Kurt Vonnegut Like heat seeking missilesthe words you spoke found my mind.softly...I close my eyeshands touchingever so lightly,with humble respect,electric nevertheless.Luscious ecstasyof discovery;tentative fingertips connecting,exploring,opening totender palming.Arms held wide pulled in closestaying centered,connection intact.Music segues to [...]

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Java Junctures

 “Life is made of ever so many partings welded together.”  ~Charles Dickens (Great Expectations)Laptops and folderslitter this makeshift officeof chic and hipat the caffeine catalyst café.The Guatemalan roast wafts through the air,with java toasts to anotherconsummated deal.Lovers in bloomembrace their spring,seedlings and perennials alikefondly celebrate this newness.The exuberanceof heartfelt barterbecomes the elixir  fillings goblets to the [...]

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I’m Hoping That You Fell

Letting Go: “In practice there is always the dance between feeling the truth of our suffering and letting go of it, not in a dismissive way but in a way that honors it”.Was it disappointments heaped upon your platethat became too muchfor you to shoulder?Had angry clouds obscured your sight,stopped the beamfrom finding you?Did the tether stop [...]

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The Juice Of Life

There are no guarantees in this world.period!Yes we all want thembut let's just get over thatand forge on.Fence sitting, waffling and being overly cautiousare the ingredients for mediocrity,and that's not an indictment on mediocrityif that's what floats your boat.But if you want to live a vibrant and exciting lifeyou have to be willing to take [...]

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The True Nature of Abundance

Love has many faces.the obvious ones might bephysical and sexual attraction,common interestsand a host of other aspectsthat might be described aspersonality andlifestyle choicesthese are fundamentals to be sure,howeverI believecatalysing,successfully melding, these elementsinto that compound we call love,requiresdeep, heartfelt mutual trustand respectencompassingunwavering desiressupporting each other’s evolutionto embrace and promotemutual personal and spiritual growth,the manifestation of all [...]

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A Field In Summer Fallow

I know people, I know towns, farms, hills and rivers and rocks, I know how the sun at sunset in autumn falls on the side of a certain plow-land in the hills; but what is the sense of giving a boundary to all that, of giving a name and ceasing to love where the name ceases to apply?~ [...]

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A Soft Breeze In Your Back

Banana fostered dreams shoot me back to Decateur Street, Sunday brunch laced with love, jazz wafting through naked air, we are not old, we are not new, we are timeless for this moment and now…we were. Trust things are going well for you and finding your way throughthat meandering maze we christen lifeand that bliss, or [...]

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In Vagrant Love

 Vagrant lovecircumnavigates your listing heart,your frothy expressionsits wake,visibly tangibleyetlacking substance.Destinations undefinedsubtle trails dissipateinto nothingness,leaving behindtranquil but desolate seas.That which may have beenvanished without a trace.Betrayal of shadows pastcast the die,a doctrine of unbelievingfrom which your tools are forged.And still…you yearn for thatwhich only you can denybut choose insteadto aimlessly driftin vagrant love.Copyright © Henri Ferguson [...]

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Now I Know It Works

My brother replanted a perennial from our parent’s garden three years ago to his own flower bed. It never bloomed for those three years.My father passed away last Monday, on Tuesday morning there was a brilliant orange flower on this plant. His funeral was Thursday. That afternoon while we were gathered in the yard all [...]

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This Is Love Forever

Holding hands with my mother fading embers in my father’s eyes become a flicker once more.   Few words spoken they would be superfluous.   Wordless dialogue but heartfelt exchange echoes through this chamber at the threshold of his exit door.   Fifty-four years traversing, journeying together, spawning profound understandings of complex and deep simplicity. [...]

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